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On Feb 08, 2011 eBay ID: 2310tlb sold MISSADVERTISED Lenovo T510 Laptop (eBay item 220734530487) 

	1. should the seller decide to remediate the situation at any time in the future 
	   this page will be removed or updated accordingly; so will be the ebay feedback;
	2. personal information about the seller has been removed or masked - 
	   only information that the seller provided on ebay and that derived via google is here;
	3. if the seller decides to publish the buyer's personal information 
	   that can not be derived from that available on ebay it will be treated as invasion of privacy.

The seller listed item providing it's company name SCC Micro Inc and phone number 416-828-2528 
- you can google the rest to find more by yourself as I did. For example, that there are more private selling channels used; 
or about the company's business:

	SCC Micro Inc., ph 416-828-2528		
Despite the promises the company and the seller offered, as of today, communication with the seller has not resolved the issue to any satisfactory level.


Read below eBay communication dump (oldest last) and make your own judgement to deside 
if you wish to deal with this seller or the company the seller represents and possibly face the same as I have.

buyer 3/29/2011 22:23 GMT
Dear seller,
I just realized you shipped me wrong system which was manufactured 2010-june-07 WRONG SYSTEM!! -------------------------system #3! my system------------------------------------ compare with - you wrote on 11-02-2011 19:38 - I gave you the wrong mfg date. Yours is actually 2010-may-07. Thank god I am paying attention to details. - you wrote on 10-02-2011 21:11 - I spoke with lenovo and the laptop was manufactured 2010-mar-08. So, you indeed had a *few* system, not *two* - and that explains the WRONG battery! That is consistent with what my friend saw at pickup. Now I am ready to report you to eBay Trust and Safety, but will wait for 1 day for your response with remediation offer that will cover all expenses and unconditional full refund. And, of course, an apology for all this mess. Mean time I will contact lenovo to trace the real owner of this system, and will take further actions if warranted.
- buyer
buyer 3/28/2011 18:32 GMT
Dear seller,
1. lenovo confirmed orig shipped low res LCD and different than advertised video card - so you have not verified while you claimed you did 2. should you give me s/n as I asked I would check it prior paying and withdraw. in fact you could have done it yourself before you gave me 100% assurance system was as advertized 3. now ur credibility in my eyes is zero and I can not trust you on refund of anything if system shipped back 4. and I also refuse covering more of your expenses and pay for your mistakes and dishonesty as such here is the way we proceed. we start from fault you 100% admitted and will fix it first. you pay for LCD upgrade to that advertised. Lenovo part# 42T0743/63 179.75GBP+20%VAT+paypal fee. I will send final invoice for labor when done. If you'e indeed lenovo reseller you ask lenovo bill u/ur distributor directly, which is easier for me. Let me know by tomorrow when shall I proceed w/system upgrade to the level you advertised and I paid for on above conditions
- buyer
buyer 3/28/2011 08:10 GMT
Dear seller,
We're done discussing the battery - it is you (not me) who should explain the wrong battery. I do not have reasons to replace the battery, but you do have very strong one not to admit mistake as you have my 950$ I paid in cash and you always wanted (and still do) me to cover your expenses that I now claim back. I also have a witness who saw small size battery at pick up. re the number - it is another thing you've conveniently forgotten. you gave it to me yourself as your work number was and is never answered: >27-Mar-11 at 20:19 you wrote: I am not sure how you got my home phone number but if I see you number again on my personal phone I will be reporting you to the police for harassement. >2/11/2011 19:22 you wrote: you can also call me on 905-xxx-xxx9 home number if you still need to speak to me. Perhaps, it is the same case as with the battery. So, your described your position in details now - thank you - and I found it unacceptable to continue a discussion.
- buyer
seller 27-Mar-11 at 20:19:12-20:30:36EDT
First of all I just got home and would like to say I am not sure how you got my home phone number but
if I see you number again on my personal phone I will be reporting you to the police for harassement.
Any business realted matters are to be dealt with my number listed on ebay ONLY (416-828-2528).

I am not sure if you don't know how to read but I already told you your options you have for refund.

Your first option was to send it back to me as per condition in previous email for a full refund, but
shipment to me is not covered by me. The only reason I am not covering shipment is because you can't
explain where my 9 cell battery has gone. So, when I recieve if there are any marks, damages on laptop
since this was brand new I will be charging the restocking fee or I will have shipped back to you at
your expense again. To avoid fees I will send you a cheque or if you want paypal that's fine

Other option was to relist it on ebay and I pay the ebay fees.

The choice is yours and stop threating me by going to ebay trust team as I mentioned before
I don't do business on ebay > 1%, it won't affect my business at all.
You wanted to work it out I am trying, your not. I have all my documents and
pictures of what was sent to you. It's up to you now.
buyer 3/27/2011 00:00GMT
Dear seller,

I left you a voice message and called your home number to ensure I made all the efforts to resolve the case.

I believe I gave you enough time to rethink your position and decide what is more important to you an extra $100
or your reputation that will be damaged should I report this to eBay with negative feedback to follow.

Should I not receive your response by end of the weekend I will proceed with both.

buyer 3/25/2011 19:43GMT
Dear seller,

With all due respect, it's still not clear to me as you still have not answered
strait a simple question I ask: will you or will you not refund 950$ and bare
all the expense associated with the laptop return (YES/NO answer only)?

- If YES, provide exact specific instruction what I shall follow to get my money back.
- If NO, explain the reason.

Very simple, YES or NO - one or another - so there will no room for misunderstanding.

seller 25-Mar-11 at 15:10:14 EDT
I have outlined the refund conditions you don't agree that's your choice.
buyer 3/25/2011 17:08GMT
Dear seller,

You have not provided any plausable reason why would I replace the
battery having risk not getting my money back for wrongfully advertised
system. Neither of us has strong evidence on battery, but only you have
history of mistakes that conceived this conversation in the first
place [AND you do have strong reason not to admit mistake as
you have my 950$ I paid in cash (926$ auction + ebay fee) and you always wanted
me to cover your expenses that I now claim back
]. If it was only battery, I would not even
open the case. Please, do not drag me in this discussion anymore.

Let's better focus on the main resolution as you still have not
answered my question: will you or will you not return 950$ and bare all
the expense associated with it (YES/NO answer only)?

And if YES, provide exact specific instruction what I shall do to get my money back.
If NO, explain the reason.

- buyer
seller 25-Mar-11 at 05:01:26 EDT
I just did some more research on my part and like I said before both of my T510's I sold had 9 cell
batteries there would be no way you would get a 6 cell, it now feels liks I am being frauded out by 
yourself. I have pictures of both units and their pictures of their config stickers. 

Only difference of two units was the hdd, yours 500GB and other 128GB SSD.
seller 25-Mar-11 at 04:49:54 EDT
(You write) you admitted that item was sold not as advertised (=fraud)
You know what now your just
being very rude I told you only mistake in my auction was resolution for screen, battery well you
must have swaped it out.
I am not sure but it's like your a broken record you keep repeating same
items over and over. You want me to admit for alot more than just my mistake on resolution settings.
You want a refund follow the instructions outlined.
buyer 3/25/2011 07:56GMT
Dear seller,
To summarize:

1. you admitted that item was sold not as advertised (=fraud)
2. configuration of the sold item is low end and in present config the item can not be sold as you suggest for the price I paid
3. you refuse to cover potential diffference and all expense if resold; or demand more payments in order to recover the cost of the item by

It is clear, your offers on the resolution leave you who was at fault in priviledge position than me as a victim of your fraud.

I have had enough patience to convince you of your wrongdoing, and yet none of your offer is acceptable. You basically left me on my own to resolve your fault.

Please, confirm you will not return 950$ and bare all the expense associated with it.
seller 25-Mar-11 at 03:17:58 EDT
Like I said earlier in our emails sell the item for $950 what you paidon ebay or locally. I will cover
ebay fees.
buyer 24-Mar-11 at 18:06:22 EDT
1) My friend did't give me part number. As he said he thought it was new small 9c battery. 

He trusted you who provided 100% assurance in writing that you shipped it as described and fully verified.
So did I. Why should I assume that you would not keep up with you promises??

The better question
is why have not you verified the shipping and have not checked the package when you released the item
to be sure you have 100% delivery as you so many times promissed??

3/24/2011 22:26GMT
Dear seller,
Message limit on resolution centre is reached. The only two options available are:

My concerns have been resolved. I want to
close the case.
My concerns haven't been resolved. I want to report this seller to the eBay Trust and Safety team.

As you understand, my concern has not been resolved.

You left me no choice as report you to eBay. As you also understand it will not only lead to negative feedback I will make, but sanctions from ebay as well.

Before I made an obvious choice I give you the last chance to re-think your position about me paying to fix your own mistakes, that you admitted.

As to the options - here some for you:
- You cover upgrade of this system to the specs you advertised;
- I sell this system and you cover the difference and expense that will occur;
- You refund 1/2 and I sell this system 1/2 price as parts.

Please, advise before my Friday morning.
- buyer
seller 24-Mar-11 at 17:22:58 EDT
So if your friend gave you the part number why did you still have him ship the laptop to you when you
knew the battery was wrong????

I am not covering shipping so let me know what other options in
time transit you have and costs involved.
buyer 24-Mar-11 at 14:07:50 EDT
5)I perfctly undrstnd yr desire recover loses but you should undertand it must NOT be at my expense.
My part of the transaction has been perfectly completed. I even paid you more to cover your eBay cost.
Completing your part as perfect will warrant 5star feedback. Do't you think it's worth it? Or you
rather loose dignity for these 100$? I do not believe you'e such person otherwise I would't take risk
handing you $1K in cash.

So let's concntrate on safe ship with no custom on return goods. OK?
buyer 24-Mar-11 at 13:51:13 EDT
3) GlobalExpress 2day shipping to Canada w/700pounds ($1120) insurance is ~75+19.20 (~$150 incl track
and sign).

4) If you do't want inspect system remotely to ensure it's full working conditions and
want it shipped to you directly I am fine. I will ask post office inspect and sign affidavit. Then
as soon as you sign the shipping I will expect 950+150=1100$ +paypal fees refunded immediately. To
avoid paypal fees you may send e-mail money - most banks provide this feature @1.50$
buyer 24-Mar-11 at 13:43:19 EDT
2) I opened case as "Item not received or not as described" and you aleady admitted it was true. You
also confirmed laptop was not booted to ensure 100% working conditions as advertised, so it was even
additional risk for me that some parts of laptop could not work.

Remember I'm already loosing the
forward shipping that in this situation I have all rights to claim too. As such, I can't comprehend
why I shall bear any additional expenses to fix problem you created? Please, kindly explain.
buyer 24-Mar-11 at 13:37:13 EDT
1) seller, accrding to his note he saw bttry when he saw laptop. He dscrbed size & just thought it's
small 9c. I was confused too untill I verified part number on lenovo because nowhere on battery written
6 or 9c. Without definite proof for any reasonable mind it's enough info to conclude most likely
another mistake happened at your side rather than 2 people trying fraud you for battery having my
950$ in your hads. With all due respect, I do not think this topic worth anymore discussions.
seller 24-Mar-11 at 05:39:10 EDT
Sorry but I can have my friend say that the battery was the small one. He never looked at the 
battery when we met just the laptop. I sent 9 cell.

If you want refund than ship as per instructions
outlined in previous email to me at your expense.

I will drop the restocking fee as long as the
laptop is in original conditon I sent it in and no fees will be covered. Refunded will be via paypal.
buyer 24-Mar-11 at 02:51:00 EDT
And before you ask me again to pay for your business expense and your mistakes give me at least one 
reason why should I continue doing that.

Would you pay for my mistakes and my expense?

Hope answering this question will hhelp you understand my position better.
buyer 24-Mar-11 at 02:21:15 EDT
2) Paypal's perfect, but you will cover PayPall fees the same way as you demandad me to cover your 

3) the rest is absolutely unacceptable - I'm not paying for your mistakes:
* you cover
* it will be no restocking: was opened anyway & blue button at boot resotres system to
manufacture state
* you made too many mistakes being sure you did't that I need my friend's help to
ensure that you will not make more

Pls, think of other options before I ask eBay to get involve
buyer 24-Mar-11 at 02:00:30 EDT
1) My friend who pickedup laptop just confirmed battery you gave was small in size: 24Mar2011 00:19 
"I was the fool. My first thought when he gave laptop was.."jeeez. Lenovo makes a small 9-cell battery
, it's not much bigger than my msi's" - hence it's NOT 9cell. Therefore, I am not tolerating anymore
your accusation that I replaced your battery. And why would I do that? And not replacing HDD or RAM
- you did't boot the system, you would't know. This issue is closed as it also was you mistake.
seller 23-Mar-11 at 20:48:46 EDT
I am not covering shipping cost, and it needs to be shipped to me directly. Do not install any software.
I told you how it was going to be done, I will reduce the restocking fee to 10%. money will be refunded
via PayPal. Like I said no exceptions in my last email.
buyer 23-Mar-11 at 18:45:09 EDT
To avoid further issues, I will ship it back to my friend, who will meet you to test the system 

Prior that I can install a remote connect control tool TeamViewer so you will connect
and inspect the system as you wish to ensure it is in working condition.

If the system arrives
faulty you will claim postage insurance and lenovo warranty.

Terribly sorry, but I am not dealing
with you anymore.

Please, confirm and we setup time to continue.
buyer 23-Mar-11 at 18:42:33 EDT
1) ok, we are closer to the resolution.

Now, I do not accuse you on switching systems, I just
demonstrated that you made a sad mistake that you just admitted. Good.

As such, the conditions you
put forward are unacceptable as I'm not responcible for your mistakes and I strongly insist that you
bare all the cost to fix it, including shipping cost. If you want 5 days or overnight shipping it is
your call and your money. Please, confirm what you want.

seller 23-Mar-11 at 18:17:30 EDT
I am not covering shipment of return, if you want to return it go ahead, but it needs to be recieved
within 5 business days, needs to be trackable, fully insured and custom documents must state warranty
repair return, and original packaging must sent back in. All documents must be scanned to me before
shipping. No Exceptions. When recieved it will be fully inspected and if any faults found payment
will not be refunded and it will be your responsibility to get back to UK.
seller 23-Mar-11 at 18:12:05 EDT
Stop accusing me of switching systems, which I never did. I should ask you about my battery you 
switched. I addmitted to make a mistake on the wrong advertising of video card next time I will not
use resolution unless it's 100%.

This system is NEW it means nothing about warranty exp. on 22 sep
11, I told you it can be updated. That was the date lenovo sold to my distributor. I can update to
current date.
buyer 23-Mar-11 at 15:02:31 EDT
4) And finally, if your next response is not about full refund arrangement you will leave me no other
choice as to use "My concerns haven't been resolved. I want to report this seller to the eBay Trust
and Safety team." option nexts. This is eBay recommendation and eBay is very strict about misadvertised

But I do hope the common sense will prevail.
buyer 23-Mar-11 at 14:49:57 EDT
2) Nobody else complained because they received system that supposed to be shipped to me, and I 
complain because I received wrong misadvertised system in much lower value.

3) I now want
unconditional full refund including return shipping.

It is't that I changed my mind so you can
demand restock fees - I really do want system, but as advertised! Shipped low resolution LCD is
absolutely *worthless* to me.

I can not accept anything else than uncoditional FULL $950 refund.
buyer 23-Mar-11 at 14:25:56 EDT
1) Your accusation of me replacing battery doesn't make sense. I paid you 950 cash with extra $$ you
did't advertised but later "demanded* "to cover your ebay fees".

For that money I could buy 15
batteries. Even assuming I did replaced battery, you still did't explain how wrong display, wrong
videocard, & half passed warranty was shipped with new system? Did I replaced them too?

Don't you think the most simple explanation is that you just made a mistake and shiped the wrong system?
seller 23-Mar-11 at 04:50:09 EDT
6) threatning me does not help your situation eBay is less than 1% of my business you already have 
contacted eBay on this and calling police that is foolish as I have legitimate sources where I purchase
my products and it's all on invoices

7) 20% restock fee applies on return
seller 23-Mar-11 at 04:39:05 EDT
4) did not mix up shipping told both systems had 9 cell

5) the only reason I am hesitating on
refund now is you have switched my battery to a 6 cell which lowers value of my new laptop, as well
I don't where it as been for over a month and what had happened tonit, it now has been booted not in
new state (first time boot)
seller 23-Mar-11 at 04:31:47 EDT
1) sorry system is new, no body else is complaining and eveyone else has seemed to have no issues 
updating there warranty to purchase date from my company, it is new opened I don't lie about stuff
like that to sell people are not stupid

2)I am sorry but I sent a nine cell battery

3) I used
specs from Lenovo which maybe i shouldn't have used which I will admit it is my mistake to shoe
resolution should have just listed model of video card only. I apologize for that.
buyer 23-Mar-11 at 03:16:51 EDT
I will also consider to report you/your company to the police to verify the source of the systems you
buyer 23-Mar-11 at 03:10:30 EDT
If after all these you continue refusing full refund I will report you to the eBay Trust and Safety 
team without further discussion.
buyer 23-Mar-11 at 03:06:30 EDT
3) if you did not boot laptop, how could you confirm LCD high resolution to advertise? and guarantee
100% working conditions if wrnty was 1/2 year active?

so box was opened at your side (you said),
system was't new (opened warranty), you have't checked/verified what you advertized (you did not boot)
, you nearly mixed up systems for shipping (you said) explains how battery was misplaced - all these
contributed to what happened. it's your responsibility to fix it at your expense.
buyer 23-Mar-11 at 02:52:57 EDT
1) systen with 1/2 year opened warnty can NOT be new. should you give me s/n as I requested 10Feb11 
12:53 I'd verify that and cancel transaction. the topic is closed.
2) I can't prove I did't switch
bttry, but this is't only issue w/system. I can't switch LCD resolution, video card, activate warranty
1/2 year back date. I sent you scrnshts demonstrate all that. Why would I change all these paying you
950$ if I could buy parts for fraction of it? so do not question my integrity. mistakes happen.
seller 22-Mar-11 at 22:38:34 EDT
1) My auction stated brand new open box which is 100% correct

2) Again with battery issue how do
I know that you didn't switch out the battery????

3) The laptop was inspected and nothing was
wrong with it, we do not boot new systems.
buyer 22-Mar-11 at 18:57:34 EDT
I especially asked you 11Feb2011 12:16 "please make absolutely sure the system is new (i.e. as 
advertised)-I am very sensitive about it" and you wrote 11Feb2011 16:13 "You saw the pictures it is
brand new not refurbished 100%". What I received does't have battery as on pic, and screen
resolution/videocard is't as advertised.

It shall not be now my responcibility fixing your mistakes
selling it as you suggest. You refund and do it yourself. Next time you will follow the rules precisely.
buyer 22-Mar-11 at 18:44:34 EDT
1) you advertised the item as new. new item shall not have opened warranty w/186 days left. so it's 
at least not new as advertised.

2) nobody can verify what you had, but what you wrote was you had
"a few t510" - mistakes are possible. In any case it's YOUR responsibility ensure accurate description
and shipping especially if you advertise that "Each laptop is inspected prior to listing and shipping
for quality control".
seller 22-Mar-11 at 05:25:27 EDT
1) What does not fit in the story? Yes the warranty would be from date of purchase 1 year later in 
the future. In your case it would end in 2012 once I update it.

2) I did not mix anything up as I
only had 2 units and the other one was 128SSD with 9 cell as well.

I will not be covering any
shipping fees, I would suggest selling it on UK ebay to get your money back.
buyer 22-Mar-11 at 03:47:46 EDT
3) and if the battery got switched perhaps the whole set was and I got someone else's computer instead
of mine: low display resolution, wrong vidoe card.

it was a said mistake on your part, but it can
be fixed. the reasonable solution is - I return the system at your expence for full refund (the same
as you asked me to cover your expense for ebay fees)

I do not see any other solution to it. do you?
buyer 22-Mar-11 at 03:43:35 EDT
1) 2011-09-22 date is in the future - therefore something does not fit in your story. 

2) you had
several computers and by mistake the battery got switched. you wrote on 11 Feb 2011 at 18:38 "I am
preparing a few t510 for shipping and I just realized I gave you the wrong mfg date. It still falls
in your six months you need it. Yours is actually 2010-may-07 sorry about that. I almost gave you the
wrong model." Perhaps you did gave me wron model.

seller 21-Mar-11 at 22:08:22 EDT
3) In regards to the specs I only posted for reference only from Lenovo website as what was listed 
on side of box.

Not sure where we go from here. As we need to come to a resonable resolution.
seller 21-Mar-11 at 22:04:27 EDT
Okay to your concerns

1) Item is brand new as stated 2011-09-22 date is when Lenovo gave it to my
distributor brand new unused, my distributor did not sell me a used item and you know it. It would
say recertified if it wasn't new, so it is new, no questions about it.

2) What I took pictures of
is what was included so I do not know why your telling me you got 6 cell. A 9 cell was in the box.
Why would I change it?? It's brand new what I got is what I sold.
buyer 21-Mar-11 at 14:50:18 EDT
you3: "the warranty does not have 186 days but expires 2011-09-22"

I3: it simply means the system
is not "Brand New" as advertised. and of cource, with the other issues reported it was NOT "inspected
prior to listing and shipping for quality control" as you indicated. it also explaines the different
video card.

so, I do believe the case require resolution from your side as it is clearly your
mistakes - the laptop as shipped does not worth the money paid. hope for mutual satisfaction.
buyer 21-Mar-11 at 14:44:45 EDT
you2: "As for battery I see on picture it is the larger 9 cell on ebay. Even the box specs say so. I
am not paying for 9 cell battery."

I2: battery on picture is 9cell, but you send by mistake *wrong*
smaller 6 cell. I just request battery that is on picture. No need to pay extra - just a replacement
to what was advertised.
buyer 21-Mar-11 at 14:43:21 EDT
you: specs I used were off the label on the box, look at the picture on ebay. Rest of specs are for 
reference but the picture of specs is 100% true. Unfortunantely this laptop has now been booted and
has been out of my
hands for over a month

I: pic did'n say scrn resolutn specs you gave did.
nowhere it said it's not accurate. it's not possbl to determn screen resolutn before booting. system
can be reimaged to it's init state. regardlss shiptime you can confirm first boot via win logs
seller 21-Mar-11 at 12:53:40 EDT
Hi buyer, 

I have sent you an email. Please respond when you recieve it.

buyer 20-Mar-11 at 09:49:02 EDT
Item Significantly Not As Described: Lenovo ThinkPad T510 i7-620M Windows 7 Pro 4GB 500GB (#220734530487) 
Payment Method: Cash
Payment Date: 14-Feb-2011
Additional Details:

1. The battery is not a bulky 9-cell as advertised and pictured, but the original small 6-cell

2. The screen resolution is not 1600 x 900 ( WXGA++ ), but only 1366 x 768

3. The video card is not nvidia sg 512mb amt, but nvs 3100m

I contacted the seller already with hope we can resolve it,
but open the case to satisfy the guidelines for resolution deadlines

NOTE: Item was paid cash because PayPal blocked my account and the seller was about to cancel transaction.

2/12/2011 23:01
Hi buyer, 

Cash ... is fine. Due on delivery will be $950 as a pick up fee still applies. 
Believe you wont be disappointed with your laptop. Look at my last review if a Lenovo laptop.


2/12/2011 15:13
Dear seller,

still have issues with PayPal
would you accept cash 
And I will rely only on your honesty and willingness to resolve any potential issues if they arrive?


2/11/2011 19:38
Dear buyer,

I am preparing a few t510 for shipping and I just realized I gave you the wrong mfg date. 
... Yours is actually 2010-may-07 sorry about that. I almost gave you the wrong model. 
Thank god I am paying attention to details. Waiting for your payment.


2/11/2011 19:22
Dear buyer,

Yes this is a brand new Lenovo laptop. When you recieve it
please send me an email and I will send you my company invoice so you can
call Lenovo and update your warranty and have it start from day you
recieve it. 
So please pay via paypal $926 + 4% which will cover
paypal fees and I will cover ebay fees as agreed.


2/11/2011 18:16
Dear seller,

..., I suggest we share your expense
half and half (usually I (and e-bay) consider it as the sole seller's
business expense, but will make a concession in this case) - let me
know if you are ok.

Also, please make absolutely sure the system is new (i.e. as
advertised) - I am very sensitive about it. Once I got a system
advertised as new, but in fact it was opened and had HDD replaced. I gave the guy
hard time but got the new HDD as advertised installed. So to avoid headache
please, double check.

As soon as you confirm all above, I will send the
paypal immediately.


From: eBay Member: seller
Sent: 11 February 2011 Friday 16:13
To: buyer
Subject: Re: Lenovo ThinkPad T510 i7-620M Windows 7 Pro 4GB 500GB #220734530487

Dear buyer,

Paypal is fine it is just open box that is what my distributor told me. I also
opened it to make sure that is the case and Lenovo said it was new just open

You saw the pictures it is brand new not refurbished 100%. ... 
With your payment can you please add 4% as this will cover my fees which are 
usually covered by shipping fees. Thank you!

Great doing business with you!

2/10/2011 21:11
Dear buyer,
I spoke with lenovo and the laptop was manufactured 2010-mar-08. 

2/10/2011 18:59
Hi buyer, 

As I have packed it for shipping already I am unable to tell unless I unwrap whole unit. 
In regards to your serial number i am unable to give those out due to people claiming warranty on them. 
Your warranty will begin the day your recieve it. I will issue you my company invoice and 
I can or you can call Lenovo warranty and they will update the warranty from the date of 
sale which will be the day your receieve it. There is no worries with warranty at all. 
I sell many of these laptops daily outside of ebay.

I hope this helps.


2/10/2011 18:48
Hi seller
can you tell me please when the laptop has been manufacture? An give me its serial number so I check the warranty online.